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From: Kurt Danielson (Tad)
Date: Aug 7, 2007 5:25 PM

Hey Mike:

I really enjoyed myself looking at all the pics you have up on your site: it was very much a blast from the past revisiting Student Nurse, Beat Pagodas, The Blackouts, Little Bears from Bangkok, The 3 Swimmers, X-15, the U-Men, etc. And so many more (The Refuzors, The Fartz, et al).

For me (and other people of a certain age), that's the REAL Seattle scene--if there ever was such a thing (you know as well as I do that such things are created in retrospect by the documentary evidence on hand combined with whatever hype may have been generated)--and my old band Bundle of Hiss was a product of those times.

BoH was fortunate enough to last long enough to bridge the gap between the old days and the newer, so-called grunge years (such a stoopid label, like all labels), before breaking up; like the Fastbacks, we lived through that transitional period. But they survived, and BoH did not.

But then Tad and Gary and I were lucky enough to jump on that subpop bandwagon, as you know. The rest is a blurry memory. Photos like yours are the only true documentation we really have of how all that transpired.

Hey, thanks for the sympathy! You know this business: someone's always getting rooked. I guess I could easily draw a parallel between how Charles Peterson ended up receiving so much attention for his photography (mainly due to his association w/ subpop) while, although you photographed far more bands, your name is less well known in connection w/ Seattle (but then, you had the good sense to move elsewhere early on); perhaps your fame is on a more global scale. But in any case, you were there first. That counts for something in my book. To me, your pics of Bigley are far more important documents than any pic of Nirvana ever could be (the latter could not have existed without the former, no matter what anyone says to the contrary).

On the other hand, such parallels are perhaps a little too facile. Nothing is so simple. What a volatile business, so volatile it's more a chemical reaction than a business: and how do you capitalize on chemical reactions? Invent Ford Motor company, I guess.

All I know for certain is that I remember that show w/ Nirvana in Amsterdam very well, mainly because I accidentally lit my hair on fire (while smoking hash out of a fucking can, no less) when Nirvana was on stage. You don't forget that smell very easily.

Then the next time we played the Melkweg--w/ Ned's Atomic Dustbin-- our then-drummer Rey Washam threw stink bombs at 'em, and they shattered against the cymbals, making another hellacious stench (which the Ned boys didn't appreciate very much; I can't say that I blame them).

So I recall both of those shows in terms of heinous odors more than in visual or aural terms.

Thanks for capturing them on film. That's a better way to remember them, no doubt about it.

Thanks again for the righteous photos Mike. I've already turned a few friends onto your site, and I'll be only too happy to pass the word along again whenever I get the chance.

Your brother in rock,

Kurt D.

May 2007

MIke; Thanks alot for the Led Zepellin print. I can't wait to get it framed.

Dennis Mays

 May 2007

Holy Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hole print much better than expected, u rok dude!!!!!!!!!

Bill Miller