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Welcome to BestRockPhotos.com featuring 30 years of Rock and Roll photos by Mike Leach.

Punk, Metal, Classic, Alternative, you name it, he shot it. From Aerosmith to Zeppelin,

Alien Sex Fiend to Zodiac Mindwarp. Mike is opening his archive and plans to eventually

post shots of every show he has attended. From the pre-grunge Seattle scene in the 80's,

 to Amsterdam in the 90's, to New York in the new millennium, it's an amazing historic endeavor.



Fine Art Photo website RockPaperPhoto is featuring some of my work not available on this website.


Many thanks to the Five Horizons photo exhibition folks for using my Pearl Jam 

and Green River images in their show. I had a blast! 



Many thanks to YAG for handling many images not available here.



Check out my YouTube channel for over 100 music slideshows using my images.